Advanced Google protection makes data theft difficult with a physical key

Advanced Google protection makes data theft difficult with a physical key

Google announced the launch of the advanced protection program (Advanced Protection Program or APP). The new service, which is already available to Brazilian users, brings together measures that promise to shield access to company accounts, such as Google Drive and Gmail. This is a way for the company to offer extra security against hacker attacks to steal sensitive information, such as documents and photos – using a physical key.

Understand how the APP works, what the service’s functions are, for whom it is intended and what is needed to activate it also in Brazil.

Google gains protection measures against unverified plugins

Google Advanced Protection: service difficult to hack Google accounts – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Google’s advanced protection program is based on three central pillars: protection against phishing, stricter control over access to company accounts, and a more detailed way to unlock when an attempt to break into Google Apps is identified.

To this end, Google will now require users with advanced protection accounts to perform two-step verification using a physical key. This key is nothing more than a USB dongle, similar to a USB stick. The device is the same adopted by Facebook this year.

1 of 1 Physical key – Photo: Reproduction / CNET

Physical key – Photo: Reproduction / CNET

The person can only log into the service if the security key is connected to the computer. The model, developed by Yubico, costs US $ 18, about R $ 60. Another version, with Wireless connection to be used with the cell phone, costs US $ 25, about R $ 80.

This type of scan is an effective method for protecting against phishing attacks. Since access is allowed only with the use of the physical key, the hacker would not be able to log in, even if he knows the password – being automatically blocked for lack of the key.

This method is also more secure than the common two-step verification. As he does not need to send SMS, the criminal cannot access the account even if he is in possession of the user’s smartphone.

Blocking a third-party application

An app that you used your Google account to sign in to can be attacked and, as a result, leave sensitive data vulnerable. Therefore, those with the advanced protection program cannot log in to third-party applications, such as an email client, for example – only in Google apps. It is also worth mentioning that the service only works on Chrome, the browser of the search giant.

Account recovery in the advanced protection program is more difficult. Google promises more verification steps when resetting your password.

Google’s advanced protection program – Photo: Playback / Google

Who is the APP recommended for?

The Advanced Protection Program was created to offer more security for those who deal with sensitive data, such as journalists or politicians. However, the security feature is available to any user, just by purchasing a physical key. Remembering that without it, it is not possible to log into Google services accounts.

So, if you are not likely to be the target of a targeted attack – when a threat is specifically developed for someone – the APP may not be the ideal solution. The normal two-step verification is enough to keep your account secure as a regular user.