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Adobe's Aero Project wants to make creating content in augmented reality as easy as possible

One of the highlights of the opening keynote of WWDC18undoubtedly was the theme augmented reality / ARKit 2.0. As we said, together with Pixar, Apple created a new format for augmented reality called USDZ, which is optimized for sharing and 3D graphics.

We also comment that the Adobe with native format support in the Creative Cloud suite, designers will be able to create AR content from apps like Photoshop CC and Dimension CC, creating USDZ files that can be consumed natively in the Apple ecosystem. Now, the company has shared a little more of its plans in this regard.

This is the Aero Project, a new tool for creating augmented reality and a multiplatform system. With it, creators will have applications on hand to create simple AR scenes and experiences using the framework Apple's ARKit. Designers can easily create immersive content that can be brought to Xcode to apply further refinement and development.

To give a sneak peek of what's to come, Adobe has partnered with 15 artists and launched the Festival of the Impossible, the first large-scale immersion art exhibition that celebrates works of art that explore the impossible. The festival takes place between the 8th and 10th of June, in San Francisco (California, United States).

The Aero Project itself still lacks information, but Adobe has already said that we will see more about it at the Adobe MAXThe Creativity Conference, which will take place between October 15 and 17, in Los Angeles (also in California).

via 9to5Mac