Adobe yields full PDF format specification

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Adobe Systems will deliver the full specification of the PDF – Portable Document Format to the industry. The format used throughout the world will be transferred to the Business Content Management Association, which already manages the various standardized PDF sub-categories. AIIM will be responsible for preparing the standardization process that will later be evaluated by the World Standard Organization (ISO).

In 1993 the company had already published the complete specification of the format, encouraging its use by public and private services for the exchange of large volumes of information.

Currently, the PDF / A (for Archive) and PDF / X (for Exchange) formats are ISO standards and follow the same path, with proposals already presented for PDF / E (Engineering) and PDF / UA (for Universal Access) .

AIIM, which administers and regulates the PDF standards already approved or about to be approved, is also proposing the PDF / H (for Healthcare) for Good Practice Guidelines.

«Today’s announcement was the logical step in the evolution of PDF from the de facto standard to a formalized standard,» says Kevin Lynch, senior vice president at Adobe.

The company believes that management of the PDF specification by an external entity will be a more effective way of ensuring constant format innovation. The process may take between one and three years.

AIIM will now identify areas and solutions to propose to develop a draft document that will be presented to the ISO working group that will consider the application for approval of the code as an international standard.

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