Adobe will notify users who use pirated company products


It is not yet an open piracy hunt, but it is a measure to try to rescue the client who is using pirated software. Adobe, a very famous company in the field of artistic production due to software such as Photoshop, After Effects, among others, will now notify users that they are using pirated software.

Adobe’s proposal is simply to draw the user’s attention, stating that the software that is running is not genuine, similar to what Microsoft does with Windows, perhaps limiting some functions of it.

“Adobe runs validation tests and notifies people who are using non-genuine software. Our tests check for tampering with invalid software and licenses. If you received a notification, it means that the software on your computer is not a genuine Adobe product. It is not covered by a warranty or by our support programs. And because it is possible that it does not perform as we want, it can be a risk for you and your work ”.

Adobe notification
Adobe notification example

Adobe has already shown interest in transforming the service into something similar to Netflix Streaming, in fact, it already works in a similar way for those using Adobe Creative Cloud, however, the idea is to take it a step further, as shown by the initiative of company, along with Google, to port Adobe Photoshop to Chrome OS.

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The interesting thing about this initiative is that Linux-based operating systems, which currently do not have a native version of Photoshop, will be able to use it through Chrome, apparently, US users within Adobe’s educational program, are now able to test “Project Photoshop Streaming ”.

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With the change in the form of distribution of Adobe programs, it is natural for the company to try to convert its pirate base, which does not bring profit for the company, to a base that subscribes to the program.

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I believe that Adobe will not take drastic measures to actively inhibit piracy very soon, after all, that would basically be «fighting» with a possible future customer.