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Adobe warns of security breach

Adobe warns of security breach

Adobe is warning users of a security breach in Adobe Reader 9 and Acrobat 9 that is being exploited and used to launch attacks. The critical security flaw, which also affects earlier versions of software Adobe, was detected in January and in the meantime a exploit to take advantage of the lack of a fix to resolve it.

The company is now announcing that it will only be able to launch a patch on March 11 for the latest versions of the program. For other versions, only after that date. Until then, it recommends prudence to users when opening files of unknown origin and updating the protection systems of their machines.

The security breach could allow an attacker to gain control over the affected machine or the application crash. It arrives at the PC via a malicious PDF and takes advantage of a flaw in the Reader that allows it to change settings and install a trojan that opens a backdoor on the PC and makes it susceptible to remote control.

From the information reported so far by security companies, the attacks recorded to exploit the flaw have been largely directed and aimed mainly at US government organizations or large companies. However, it is feared that new, more comprehensive versions will emerge as it spreads.