Adobe uses Ubuntu to showcase its new “Scribbler” tool


Adobe usually shows many projects and technologies that eventually (sooner or later) end up incorporating the Creative Suite, with famous programs, such as Photoshop. At Adobe MAX 2017 the company showed the Scribbler, an amazing tool that can color images automatically using artificial intelligence.

The new tool from Adobe has incredible functionality and possibly will soon integrate Adobe Photoshop or maybe come out as a plugin or Standalone tool, even running through the browser, we still don’t know exactly how it will be implemented, but a curious fact around the presentation is the use of Linux as a platform for the Scribller demonstration.

You can see at various times the presence of Ubuntu with the Unity interface, probably Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, running the project through Google Chrome, we also have an open terminal.

This makes me assume that Scribbler is in fact a project made to run accessing a server, maybe the demo was running on a local server (for this reason from the open terminal and Linux too), and the content being accessed through Google Chrome. It’s just a hunch.

Project Scribbler

Scribbler makes an analysis from several photos pre-selected by the developers to guess what would be the best colors for the images. He is able to color old paintings, B&W photos and even drawings. In the presentation we were also informed that the tool will still receive adjustments that will allow people to also make small changes to the final result, such as changing the skin tone. Another interesting thing that is worth noting is that it is possible to insert sample textures so that the software covers images based on your active suggestion, as was demonstrated with the stock image in the previous video.

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It is interesting to see how Linux works behind the scenes of many technologies, often staying in the background for the public, but guaranteeing the infrastructure of very interesting projects, such as Scribbler. THE Red Hat for example is one of Adobe’s major partners for the maintenance of its structures.

Interesting, isn’t it? Of course it is inevitable to touch the subject of the native Adobe suite for Linux, in the comments of this video we see several people mentioning the subject and making this request. As the way in which software is distributed changes, working more and more directly with the cloud, we may approach this compatibility, Flatpak, Snap and similar packages should also help. Never know.

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