Adobe updates Photoshop for iPad, Fresco and video software; Google, Drafts and others are updated

Adobe updates Photoshop for iPad, Fresco and video software;  Google, Drafts and others are updated

And here we are again with the latest updates from App Store! Shall we go to them?


The software giant has released news for several of its products, as we will see below:

Photoshop for iPad

Adobe Photoshop app icon

The version of Photoshop for iPad is still not the complete transposition of the famous desktop image editor, but Adobe continues to add features to the application.

Two important elements have recently arrived there – starting with support for Curves, which allow the user to make fine adjustments to the color and tone of the images (contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows and balance) in a non-destructive way.

What's new in Photoshop for iPad

In the latest version of Photoshop for iPad, you can also adjust Apple Pencil sensitivity – with this, you can precisely configure the amount of force you need to apply to the accessory to reach the desired thickness in the brushes.


Adobe Fresco app icon - Draw and paint

Meanwhile, the iPad painting app has gained a new eyedropper (that tool to capture a color within a project) with support for multiple colors – it automatically captures colors adjacent to the selected one to create an instant palette, with natural variations.

What's New in Adobe Fresco

For the first time, Fresco also gained a tool for trim for vectors – with it, you can remove lines that connect or intersect. We also have a new tool to capture shapes (in vectors or raster images), new brushes to blur and new keyboard shortcuts to create new tabs, invert the screen and much more.

Multimedia software

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video app icon

Adobe software focused on audio and video – Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Character Animator and Premiere Rush – also received news. The first two, for example, gained support for the format RAW ProRes, from Apple (which recently started being tested in the Windows world, by the way).

Premiere Pro, specifically, received improvements in the graphics and effects tools, such as a renewal of the tool Pen, and now supports audio files from Creative Cloud libraries. After Effects brought news to motion designers, as new tools for creating and animating shapes.

Premiere Rush, meanwhile, now allows users to adjust their designs to the 4: 5 format, standard on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, it is now possible to import media from the Files app directly into the app.

Adobe has finally announced that it will adopt a smaller and more frequent update rate for its video software, rather than releasing large updates at a more spaced frequency. All the company’s video news can be read in this post.


Google app icon

Changing from giant, Google’s flagship app is finally gaining support for Dark Mode on iOS and Android. In iOS 13, the feature respects the global system settings; for previous versions, just configure your favorite look in the application preferences.

The novelty will be released gradually to all users.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook app icon

Instagram app icon

Mark Zuckerberg giant announced the tool Shops, which will help companies with activities reduced by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) to create “digital showcases” of their products – already integrated with ecommerce systems, such as Shopify or BigCommerce (so that users can make purchases online already environment), and highlighted on the companies’ pages in the Facebook and in Instagram.

Today we announce Facebook Shops, which will make it easier for businesses to set up a unique virtual store on @facebook and @instagram – and soon on @WhatsApp and @messenger, too.

The feature will allow merchants to import their product lists from other platforms or create their showcases manually, with photos, price, description and other information about the goods. In addition to the links in the companies ‘profiles, the Shops’ pages will be accessible through a specific tab in the Facebook applications – and, according to the company, they may eventually also be integrated into WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook has already made available an initial version of Shops in the United States, for the time being exclusive to its main application – the integration with Instagram will be released in the coming weeks. There are also plans to expand the resource to other countries, but this should still take a few weeks / months.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase - World Tour app icon

The racing game of Aquiris Game Studio added two new tracks honoring the hometown of its developers: Porto Alegre. The “Pôr do Sol no Guaíba” and “Anoiteceu em Porto Alegre” circuits bring real sceneries and tourist attractions to the state capital, such as the Beira-Rio Stadium and the Iberê Camargo Foundation.

Check it out:

The update also brings a new vehicle, the Minuano (inspired by the legendary Miura, the national sports car manufactured in PoA in the 1970s / 80s), and new weekly challenges.


Drafts app icon

Drafts app icon

Finally, the text editor has gained a novelty in its applications for macOS and iOS: support for wiki-style editing – with support for links between drafts and Drafts files and other actions carried out with simple codes (similar to those used in the Wikipedia edition, if you have already ventured into this world).

The applications even support the auto-completion of commands and syntax – with this, you can simply type in terms and Drafts will automatically suggest links and commands to other documents in your account.