Adobe starts distributing online productivity tools

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

After Google and IBM bet on productivity tools online, Adobe’s turn has now come to announce a similar strategy. For this, the North American manufacturer decided to acquire Virtual Ubiquity, responsible for the online word processor Buzzword.

None of the companies put forward details about the value of the deal. For now, it is only known that the tool now protected by Adobe will be free to use, like the Share service, another novelty announced by the manufacturer.

As the name implies, the service allows the sharing, publication and organization of documents online. Users select the document they want to share, send a message to other recipients and determine whether files can be published with restricted or free access.

Adobe plans to integrate both services in a PDF environment and says it will make both Buzzword and Share available in desktop with version connection online. According to Reuters, some components of the services are likely to have paid access.

In parallel, the beta version of Adobe Media Player is available today. Announced in April, the program features a screen designed on AIR technology and allows users to watch television programs and other videos on the Internet both online like offline.

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