Adobe prepares to fix critical flaws

تطلق Adobe الحلول السحابية والتطبيقات لتحرير الأجهزة اللوحية

Adobe will anticipate its quarterly patch calendar – which lined up the upcoming security updates for July 13th – in order to repair a flaw that affects three of its most popular products. The fix for the Flash Player will be available tomorrow, the 10th of June. While the fixes that will fix the vulnerability in Reader and Acrobat will only be released later in the month. The day set by Adobe is June 29th.

The fix that will be released tomorrow by the software company aims to solve the problem identified in the Flash reader on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The fix for machines running the Solaris operating system has no release date yet.

The corrections addressed to the flaws in Reader and Acrobat, foreseen for the 29th of June, are directed to the versions of the products for Windows, Mac and Unix.

Remember that the failure in question is a critical failure that allows an attacker to take remote control of the machine. When it made the alert, Adobe already admitted the existence of an exploit of the flaw, that is, code that can exploit the problem and cause the consequences identified by the company.

As it did not immediately release fixes, Adobe provided some advice to users in order to mitigate risks until the release of a fix. The tips for products that will only have a software update at the end of the month remain in effect.