Adobe Premiere Rush now allows unlimited free exports on iPhones and iPads

Adobe Premiere Rush now allows unlimited free exports on iPhones and iPads

IOS / iPadOS users are, in general, well served when it comes to free video editing: Apple’s iMovie already covers most of the bases you’ll need to retouch your footage and put it on the internet .

For those who need something a little more advanced, the Premiere Rush, from Adobe, is an option to consider – the application is a “younger brother” of Premiere Pro, a professional editor used by much of the audiovisual industry, and has some very complete tools for more demanding users. But there was a “problem”: in the free version, users could export only three videos edited in the application. Not anymore.

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video app icon

As the reader warned us Arthur Medeiros, Adobe silently removed the export limit for Premiere Rush for iOS / iPadOS. Now, users with a free company account will be able to create and export as many videos as they want, without paying a single cent – placing the app as a kind of iMovie competitor in the field of mobile publishers.

The following text, on the Premiere Rush support page, mentions unlimited exports:

When using Premiere Rush on iOS, you have access to unlimited free exports and can capture videos with more control directly from the Premiere Rush app.

Obviously, this does not mean that you will have access to all the features of Premiere Rush. With a Creative Cloud subscription, you will unlock all the most advanced features of the app and allow your projects to sync across all your devices (including Premiere Pro), something that is not possible with the free account.

Still, the novelty is already great for those who simply want to edit their videos locally and give them a more professional look. Enjoy!