Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 (and 3) arrives this week on the App Store [atualizado]

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When Apple launched the iPad, much was said about “post-PC era“, In which mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) will be able to replace the current desktop computers. But in fact, this era will never be fully realized until some key applications are adapted for portable systems. One of them, without a doubt, is Adobe Photoshop, the best and most important image editing program in the world.

But Adobe is facilitating this transition, bringing this week the Photoshop Touch, the tablet version of its flagship product.

She made no official announcement, but accidentally tipped it off, releasing the app for a few minutes in the App Store in Australia and New Zealand last night. The price will be $ 9.99 (although I doubt if this is not the Australian dollar).

The expectation is very high, as thousands of professionals worldwide are anxious to see if they can do their jobs more freely without ever needing a computer. In fact, it will be the great test for the iPad: is manipulating images with your finger as simple and accurate as with the mouse cursor?

See a demo of the application. They needed to use a tablet that works best with little pen, but on the iPad, obviously, you won’t need anything but your hands. ?

I don’t know about you, but the video really impressed me, as no iPad app on the App Store today is capable of doing the things that Adobe will offer. Now it is to see in practice if he will really do the job.

It is believed that it will be officially available starting this Monday, February 27th. It is now available. Those who have already managed to get their hands on it, say that the performance is much better on the iPad than on tablets with Android.

Check out some images that are still on the App Store servers:


And as expected, the app is already live, for $ 9.99 on this link.