Adobe officializes the arrival of Animate CC, which comes to replace Flash Professional

A few months ago, Adobe had announced the “end” of Flash Professional that would give way to Animate CC, a remodeling of the software more focused on animations created in HTML5.

Because this week the arrival of the first version of Adobe Animate CC was made official, and the list of news that came with it was huge, including Creative Cloud libraries, integration with Adobe Stock, support for TypeKit, new brushes for vector art, templates for documents in HTML5 Canvas, importing SVG files, exporting in video and much more. It is still capable of generating Flash content, but God knows how long.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Adobe also updated its tool Muse CC now with customizable responsive designs, which is great, in addition to Creative Cloud libraries, integration with Adobe Stock and support for the Creative Sync feature.

Adobe's creative arsenal is better than ever.

[via TechCrunch]