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Adobe moves forward with online campaign against software piracy

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Adobe is launching an advertising campaign online with the aim of discouraging the use of software pirate. The initiative, which takes place next December, aims to reach professionals design, domestic consumers and those responsible for IT.

The company’s campaign software it focuses on a presentation of several characters who share the profile of workers in an agency of «hackers». The characters stereotype the attitudes of some of the best known pirates of software.

With this initiative, Adobe intends to raise awareness among professionals design, domestic consumers and even those responsible for IT to combat computer piracy.

Adobe’s advertising campaign will take place during the month of December in the national market, and can be viewed on the websites of PC Guia, Semana Informática, Diário Económico, Tek.Sapo, TSF and also on the Clix Portal channels, namely Clix Photos and Clix Forums.

The initiative goes against a project developed for the national, Spanish, French, Italian and English markets that aims to discourage the use of software pirate and alert internet users to the efforts made by software.

Although Portugal is far from the piracy rates presented by countries like Vietnam, Ukraine or China, Assoft recently released a study concluding that in addition to the 40 percent of piracy determined by the BSA, another 10 percent should be accounted for, motivated by the sale of software pirated on auction sites, ads and newsgroups.

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