Adobe Lightroom lets you take HDW photos in RAW right on the iPhone

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THE Adobe Lightroom was one of the first apps to incorporate a new feature of iOS 10: photos in format RAW, which is a type of image widely used by professional photographers, as they do not go through the JPEG and PNG compression process (and consequently do not lose quality).

Now, the app is also capable of creating images using HDR (Wide Dynamic Range), which is great especially for environments with a bright background.

You probably already know HDR, as it has been built into the iPhone since iOS 4.1. But as the native application does not yet have the option of taking photos in RAW, it was not possible to take advantage of the function built into the system.

With today’s update, Lightroom addresses this shortage, allowing the user to take RAW photos with the iPhone’s camera (or iPad Pro 9.7) and still take advantage of HDR.

The update also brings the possibility to add a widget in the Notification Center with quick shortcuts to the application.

It is always good to remember that not all iPhone models are capable of creating RAW photos on the device. Only the iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus and SE, in addition to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. In other models, the application will take normal photos, in PNG / JPG.

To download Adobe Lightroom, here are the links for the iPhone version and iPad version.