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Adobe Lightroom comes to iPad

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Adobe Lightroom for iPad

One of the great professional photo manipulation apps has just arrived on the iPad, after a long wait: the Adobe Lightroom. With it, it is possible to edit photos and synchronize them with the desktop version of the program.

The application is only for iPad (not for iPhone), but it is even understandable, since its function is to help photographers to better visualize their photos and apply adjustments, and the bigger the screen, the better.

It syncs via the Adobe cloud with your imported and edited photos on your computer, even those in RAW format. You can also import directly from your camera to the iPad, less RAW photos (which must be synchronized by the computer).

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For those who already use the computer version, the iPad app will be a great addition, even if it doesn’t have all the desktop functions.

The app can be downloaded for free, but requires a monthly signature to use it. However, unlike Microsoft, Adobe allows a 30-day trial period by simply connecting with an Adobe ID. It is always good to remember that it is more geared towards professionals.

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Price: Free