Adobe launches video player based on flash technology

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The National Association of Broadcasters fair, taking place in Las Vegas, has already announced some news from the main manufacturers of software. Adobe Systems was present and announced the launch of a video playback and management program that allows the user to view the contents online or offline.

Adobe Video Player is designed based on technology flash, used on several video sharing pages online, such as YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo Videos, and more.

According to the company, the application will be available in the coming months and will allow users to download the videos to their computer and, from there, to their mobile phones. Analysts cited by Reuters, admit that this new tool allows those responsible for the content presented to ensure the distribution of advertising and the apportionment of its use.

The company ensures that Adobe Video Player is distinguished from other players such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime or RealPlayer which, despite being compatible with several devices, do not allow viewing the video after the user has turned off Internet access.

Copying protected content is one of the concerns of television stations and distributors. However, Adobe designed this product with the tension in the market in mind, allowing consumers to view and edit content without violating property rights, while the media will be able to control their products.

Company officials said they intend to distribute Adobe Video Player for free, employing the same strategy they used in the launch of Adobe Flash and Acrobat, with regard to watching videos and reading documents, respectively.

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