Adobe launches Photoshop Lightroom for Apple TV

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Adobe released on Tuesday (26) an Apple TV version of its famous software Photoshop Lightroom. Developed to organize and present photos on television, the application allows you to access collections, view photos individually and launch presentations in slide format.

According to Adobe, the new operating platform of the software guarantees the user the comfort to visualize their personal moments or their work in the comfort of home. “Our goal is to make Lightroom a system that users use to share their photos with anyone, anywhere, with the best possible quality. Lightroom for Apple TV was designed to make that goal a reality on the big screen“, Says the company in a press release.

On Apple TV, Ligthroom has a different purpose and, consequently, limited functionality compared to other versions of the software. The application is just a tool for presenting and organizing shared workflows through the desktop or mobile devices. You cannot edit the images.

Adobe Lightroom

Collections synchronized through Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe’s cloud storage service with paid subscriptions) appear instantly when you launch the application. From there, the user can choose to view their photos in a slideshow format or launch them on the TV screen individually. The application allows you to use the gadget’s touch remote control to zoom and see small details in the images.

THE Photoshop Lightroom is available for download on the App Store by the fourth generation Apple TV.