Adobe launches Photoshop Fix and Capture CC, and updates several of its mobile apps

Adobe launches Photoshop Fix and Capture CC, and updates several of its mobile apps

This week the Adobe MAX conference is taking place, and the Adobe today took the opportunity to announce a series of news in its line of mobile apps.

The first two are really new apps, Photoshop Fix and Capture CC:

Adobe Photoshop Fix app icon

Adobe Photoshop Fix the power of Photoshop retouching for everyone, anywhere.

Built on Photoshop technology, Photoshop Fix allows you to perform deep touch-ups and restores on images on your iPad or iPhone. Heal, smooth, liquefy, clear and make other edits and adjustments that will give the precise look you are looking for. Log in to Adobe Creative Cloud to access edited photos directly from other Adobe mobile and desktop apps to further refine them or use them in other creative projects thanks to Adobe CreativeSync.

Adobe Capture app icon

Quickly capture, edit and share design assets created exclusively including brushes, colors, filters and shapes for use in applications such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. Brush CC, Color CC, Hue CC and Shape CC, all in one place.

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Several apps have also been updated:

Adobe Photoshop Mix app icon - Cut, combine, create

Combine more than two layers, sophisticated blending, compatibility with Photoshop Fix and Comp CC.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Watercolor paint brushes, customize your toolbar, perspective and graphic grids, more shapes, integration with Adobe Stock and import from Illustrator Line.

Photoshop Express-Photo Editor app icon

Now it offers its editing tools within the iOS Photos app itself, new user experience, support for Adobe CreativeSync, direct import from Dropbox and Facebook, among others.

Adobe Lightroom app icon: Edit Photos

Free Lightroom, better photos in moments, overcome the fog, make amazing photos faster, complete color control, Light, camera, action, find your photos faster.

Adobe Lightroom for iPad app icon

Same as above, only for iPads.

Adobe Illustrator Draw app icon

Customize your toolbar, perspective and graph grids and integrate with Adobe Stock.

Adobe Comp CC app icon

Support for iPhone, simplified workflow, integration with Adobe Stock, editing images in Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix, linked assets, guides and grids.

Sorry, app not found.

Automatic video creation, synchronize to music, photo movement, Lightroom collections, grid display and improved experience.

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In addition to these mobile news, Adobe is also delivering some updates for its desktop apps including natural touch gestures (for Apple's trackpads, for example), UX design tools, video performance improvements, among others.

(via VentureBeat)