Adobe is investing in technology that will improve your selfies

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THE Adobe this week presented its advances in a technology designed to improve and a lot of our selfies made with the smartphone.

The company is calling this artificial intelligence Sensei, but has not yet made it clear whether it intends to launch its own application for this or whether it will integrate technology into its current applications.

A good portrait requires the right perspective, equipment and a good editing experience. But what would happen if we could have the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to turn bad portraits into good ones – all on a smartphone? Combining perspective effect editing, automatic photo masking, only by software and photo style transfer technology, we are able to transform a typical selfie into an evolved portrait, with a nice depth of field effect that can also replicate the style of another portrait photo.

In fact, the technology promises. It is capable of not only applying the photo depth effect (as the rear camera of the current iPhone 7 Plus does), but also copy the visual style of another photo, automatically applying effects to it.

Watch the demo to understand how awesome it can be:

There is no prediction of when this will arrive for us mortal users. For now, studies continue.

Some current rumors (still weak and without much basis for us to believe) claim that Apple could adopt a dual front camera, which would also greatly improve selfies made with the iPhone. I wish the apple could natively offer us improvements of this type in the future, don’t you think?