Adobe is giving 2 months of Creative Cloud subscription during quarantine [atualizado]

Adobe is giving 2 months of Creative Cloud subscription during quarantine [atualizado]

Adobe is giving 2 months of Creative Cloud subscription during quarantine [atualizado]

If you work in the area of ​​product design and / or creation and have been feeling the impact of the economic slowdown due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19), be aware that Adobe there are some very interesting incentives for you to continue producing (and creating).

As noted by several users, the company is free two months of subscription of your suite for platform subscribers. There are reports from residents of the USA, UK and EMEA, including Portugal, but it is very likely that it is a global policy and also covers Brazil (we hope so).

To verify that you are eligible for the offer, log in to your Adobe account and go to the Subscriptions page; at the bottom, select «Manage plan». Request the cancellation of your plan and provide a random reason for it (or even specify that it is due to COVID-19, even better); confirm the request, then make sure that the option for the two-month offer appears to you.

The following video, in English, shows exactly the step-by-step above.

It is worth mentioning that only subscribers to any Adobe plan (including photography) can redeem the offer. Apparently, new subscribers are also unable to view it – if you have (especially if you are in Brazil), let us know in the comments section below!

Creative Cloud for students

Adobe also announced that it will provide students and educators home access to Creative Cloud apps, free of charge, due to the number of educational institutions that have suspended their classes in recent weeks.

To take advantage of the option, however, the subscription manager of a school or university must contact Adobe and request remote access for teachers / students, since this type of subscription can only be used within teaching labs. .

These temporary licenses are provided under the existing agreement for use of Adobe creative software and will be available until May 31, 2020 or until your students return to campus, whichever comes first.

At the end of this period, Adobe informs that users “will return to the entitlement level before applying for a temporary license” and any projects created by the student will be subject to Creative Cloud storage restrictions.

As more students, educators and other workers must start working remotely, access to technological services becomes even more important. So it’s great to see a big company like Adobe working to make people’s lives easier at those times.

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Update, for Eduardo Marques Mar 18, 2020 at 22:10

According to the folks at @papo_fotografo, Adobe offers, by default, two months of free subscription to people who cancel their plans for whatever reason. That is, the offer has no connection with the Coronavirus.

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