Adobe invests in campaign to respond to Apple

Adobe invests in campaign to respond to Apple

«We love Apple,» says Adobe, which shortly afterwards explains that what it hates is that Steve Jobs’ company is limiting the tools that can be used by programmers.

This is the idea behind an advertising campaign that invaded several technology sites, where they were placed banners with messages like «We Love Choice». At the same time, the company’s founders published an open letter in which they responded to Steve Jobs and stated that «Apple cannot control the Web».

The Cupertino company CEO called Flash «from the PC era, not mobile devices» and Adobe from «having many proprietary products». Adobe had already responded at the time, but now counters by accusing Apple – which said «no» to Flash on its mobile devices – of undermining programmers’ innovation and creativity by preventing them from using all development tools while your dispose.

In the letter, published in the Washington Post and also online, Chuck Geschke and John Warnockm say that users should also be free to access the content they want, regardless of the computer, browser or device used. And that «no company – regardless of its size or degree of creativity – should be able to dictate what people can create, how they can do it or what they can access on the Web».

Officials accuse Apple of having taken «a step that could jeopardize the next chapter of the Internet – one in which mobile devices will overtake computers, where anyone will be able to publish content and it will be accessible everywhere, everywhere. hour».

In the end, they say, it all comes down to the question «who controls the Web?» According to them, «nobody and everyone», but «it certainly will not be a single company».