Adobe introduces new development tool for RIAs

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Adobe today officially introduces its new RIA development tool (Rich Internet Applications), available in beta for a few months now, Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

The new platform allows the development of applications and services in the web, through Flash, HTML, Flex and Ajax, as well as the integration of the same applications and services in the desktop, in the form of a dedicated multi-platform application. Applications desktop created with AIR have connectivity web regardless of the application layer of the browser, differing from the Widget type models.

At launch, the platform already has applications desktop, based on previously released beta interactions, for services from companies such as AOL, eBay, New York Times, Nickelodeon, among others.

Applications created with AIR can run on most common operating systems, on the AIR platform, and have a usage paradigm similar to other system applications.

Adobe also used AIR to develop Buzzword, the word processor online company, as well as Adobe Media Player, still in beta.

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