Adobe gives more details of its future painting app for iPad, Fresco

Adobe gives more details of its future painting app for iPad, Fresco

We have already briefly mentioned Adobe’s Gemini project, which promised to bring expertise from the software giant to a painting and drawing app for iPads. Well today is your day, my dear digital artists: the company has revealed the definitive name of the app, Fresh, and shared more details about it.

The name of the app already says more or less how it will work: Adobe is relying on fresco technique, which consists of applying diluted paint over a fresh plaster or mortar layer, favoring the fixation of pigments. We often see frescoes on the walls, ceilings and murals of great historic buildings – just think of Renaissance painters, like Michelangelo and his Creation of Adam.

To make its digital inks behave more or less the same as it does in real life, Adobe is – of course – using good doses of Sensei, its artificial intelligence robot. With that, the company created the Live Brushes, in which the pigments will have a much more natural and realistic behavior; when painting a section of red and an adjacent section of yellow, for example, you can see the edges of the sections interacting and forming a shade of orange.

Fresco will be made available for iPads, focusing on users with Apple Pencils (or Logitech Crayons). In addition to the standard app brushes, users will be able to download different options from a repository and even import those they already use in Photoshop; the app will, of course, have all the common tools for drawing and painting, such as layers, masks, selection, shape editing and more.

Adobe has not yet revealed what the app’s marketing scheme will be; all of its tools are expected to be made available to subscribers of the Creative Cloud suite, but the company said that «everyone with the right hardware will be able to design and paint with Fresco for free» – which can either signal that the app will be free or can be an indication that the company will only release some resources for free.

For now, let’s wait.

via AppleInsider