Adobe Flex will have open-source version later this year (corrected)

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Adobe has expressed interest in launching the kit Flex (SDK) in version open-source in an initiative that will have the support of public licenses from Mozilla.

The measure is a reflection of one of the company’s strategies based on the development of platforms based on software open source. In this case, the company’s option is to continue the movement started last year, when it donated Tamarin to the Mozilla Foundation.

The availability of the version open source Flex should take place simultaneously with the launch of the final version of Flex 3, codenamed Moxie, scheduled for the second half of this year.

The company guarantees that from the summer, preliminary versions of the next line of Flex products will be released and that they will be published daily software builds Flex SDK on the downloads public with a database of bugs also public.

According to Cnet, when the final version of the product becomes available in December, Adobe already expects to have the entire project up and running open-source proposed, some directors of the company announced.

The sale of the Flex Builder and Flex Data Services components continues to be part of the company’s business strategy, they said. Creators who are not interested in obtaining Flex in version open-source will be able to purchase the licensed package, as Adobe says it will distribute the platform in both versions.

Adobe Flex was launched in 2004 and is based on a range of tools that support the development of rich Internet applications (RIA), supported by Flash technology.

Editorial note: [2007-05.03 11:53] The news has been corrected to include some details regarding the release date of the version open source Flex and application references.

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