Adobe flaw already fixed

اضطرت Adobe إلى تعليق الموقع بعد الهجوم

The past few days have not been easy for Adobe, which has warned customers of two critical flaws that affect its programs that support PDFs and Flash. However, the company has announced release dates for the fixes, but one of the vulnerabilities already has a patch proposed by a security company.

The company advises, however, users not to opt for third-party solutions and to wait for official corrections, with a launch date scheduled for September 27 and October 4.

According to information provided by the Kaspersky news service, the correction already available is aimed at the flaw that affects Adobe Reader – one of the most used programs for viewing files in PDF format – and is proposed by the security company RamzAfzar, being accessible since Wednesday.

The experts warn of the implications associated with installing such a solution, which could produce changes to the software that may prevent a next update of the brand from working properly – in addition to the risks associated with installing «unofficial» software, which it may itself pose a security risk.

In the case of flaws already with a correction date foreseen by Adobe, the flaw affecting the Adobe Flash Player, in versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and Android (in the week of September 27) will be updated first, and then the vulnerability in Adobe Reader. 9.3.4 for Windows, Mac and Unix and Acrobat 9.3.4 for Windows and Mac (in the week from 4th October).