Adobe facilitates video viewing on PC with new application

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The software announced its entry into the video market online with the final version of the new media player based on flash, Adobe Media Player, and Adobe TV.

The first application allows users to play files web-based in flash, both on PCs and Macs, and assumes itself as a cross platform, customizable and based on the Adobe AIR system.

This means that users can both watch videos when they are online or offline.

In this way, users can do the stream videos and view them only when connected to the Internet.

When they are offline they can only see videos that have already been downloaded.

To allow users to access a wider range of options when it comes to videos, Adobe has teamed up with some television studios and content producers, such as CBS, MTV, PBS, Universal Music Group, among others.

In this way, Internet users can subscribe to content and TV series that are automatically received as soon as they become available.

Adobe Media Player allows you to watch videos in 1080p, 720p or 480i resolutions.

Along with this application, Adobe also announced a service parallel to the player, Adobe TV.

This tool works as a list of programs where users can consult the catalog of content available by four categories: photographers, designers, professionals and creators.

From there they can download the videos and watch them in Adobe Media Player.

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