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Adobe facilitates compatibility tests with various browsers

بيتيا ، NotPetya ، GoldenEye.  لا يهم الاسم إلا أن الفيروس لا يزال يعيث فسادا

Adobe today announces the launch of a new service that allows testing the compatibility of a webpage under construction with the various browsers available for Windows and Mac systems.

Adobe Browser Lab is a service online that uses virtualization technology to produce screenshots in real time, which allows us to understand how each browser will show a particular website, without the user having to install the browsers on your PC.

The service allows you to load multiple pages and analyze them side by side to facilitate comparison and identification of small differences. To facilitate this task there is also a zoom function, which allows comparisons at the pixel level. The user can also customize and save preferences that he wants to use in various tests.

For the time being, the first 3 to 5 thousand candidates gain the right to test the service, who will be able to do their experiments, for now, on Safari 3, Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 6. In July this preview will be extended to a larger number of users, by invitation.

«It is increasingly difficult to determine browser compatibility and it is a tedious and time-consuming task to test a website on all browsers,» explains Scott Fegette, product manager at Adobe Creative Suite, cited by MacWorld.

The launch announced by Adobe is part of the strategy previously revealed by the company to enrich its professional products with new features, thereby taking the opportunity to break the traditional cycles of launching new versions of products, every 12 or 18 months.

The program can be used by any user, but it is especially relevant for Dreamweaver CS4 users, who can download an extension that will allow them to benefit from accessing the service, from the desktop.