Adobe eliminates critical software flaws

Adobe eliminates critical software flaws

As promised, Adobe released fixes for critical flaws that affected Reader and Acrobat. In all, 17 corrections were launched by the company, which together with updates released on June 10, anticipated the usual quarterly release of corrections or updates to the brand’s various products. The severity of the failures determined the timing advance.

Among the flaws now corrected, two are especially serious and have been exploited for some time, realizing the risk of remote control of the affected vulnerable machines, in one case, and making room for attacks that take advantage of social engineering or PDF files , in another.

The corrections now available are for Adobe Reader for Windows, Mac and Unix in version 9.3.2 and for Windows and Mac in version 8.2.2. In Acrobat, versions 8.2.2 and 9.3.2 receive both fixes for the Windows and Mac variants.

In early June the manufacturer had already fixed the same problems in Flash Player.

The next update package, which at Adobe is quarterly, is now scheduled for October 12th.

Editorial note: Fixed a typo in the name of the company that owns the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat products, Adobe and not Apple as mistakenly mentioned.