Adobe CS5 will allow export of Flash files in native applications to iPhone OS

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Flash applications on iPhone

One of the best news of the year! Adobe Labs today announced that the future version of its professional suite, the Flash CS5, will allow developers to export their files FLA in code compatible with the official iPhone SDK, which can be compiled and sent to official publication on the App Store (!!!).

The news is wonderful due to the huge amount of Flash development, which will now be able to offer their works for the iPhone. In addition, it will be very easy to make demo versions, which can be easily published on any website, to be tested in common browsers.

The possibilities are incredible and almost limitless. ?

There are even apps on the App Store that were made with a previous version of the program. Among them, Fickleblox, South Park Avatar Creator and Chroma Circuit. Simply amazing! ?

Watch a video (in English) that Adobe prepared to explain the news:

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Adobe promises to launch a beta version of the program by the end of the year. Those interested in participating can try to register on this page.

The company’s solution was brilliant, as Apple continues not to allow Flash to run on the system. That is, Safari will continue to be incompatible with this technology. But at least, the range of applications will get even bigger. ?

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