Adobe applications to be preferred target in 2010

يتم إنشاء أكثر من 70،000 متغير من البرامج الضارة كل يوم

Flash and Acrobat Reader, both from Adobe Systems, will be the preferred targets of cybercriminals in 2010, overtaking Microsoft’s popular applications. The forecasts are from McAfee and appear in the «2010 Threat Predictions» report.

For a long time, the company created by Bill Gates was the most targeted in the world of “virtual” crime, but with the effort made to strengthen the security of its systems, it will have led to the search for alternative victims.

In addition to Adobe applications, the list of security threats planned for 2010 also includes the most sophisticated attacks against users of social networks. «The explosion of applications on Facebook and other services will be an ideal vector for cybercriminals, who will take advantage of trust between friends to encourage them to click on links that would otherwise be viewed more carefully», warns the company.

Smarter Trojans, probably with the ability to interrupt legitimate transactions in order to make withdrawals without being noticed, and the increase in the existence of malware in attached files in email messages, are also known trends that should be confirmed over the next year.

From the set of estimates presented by McAfee in its report, we also highlight the vulnerabilities brought by HTML 5, an update of the Web language that, according to the company, will give cybercriminals new opportunities to create malware.

“With the technological advances brought by HTML 5, the Web will undergo a dramatic transformation that will change the way that programmers will be able to interact with their ‘target market’”, considers the company.