Adobe announces news for several Creative Cloud applications; Gmail, Fantastical and Pocket Casts get news

Creative Cloud

And here we are again with the most important recent news from App Store – and outside it, too. Come on?

Creative Cloud

THE Adobe announced news for several of the apps in its Creative Cloud suite. We will deal with each one individually.


The ubiquitous image editor has gained a new tool for object selection, based on Adobe Sensei (the company’s machine learning technology). The idea is to make the selection of people or animals easier, with automatic detection of commonly difficult elements such as hair.

THE Camera Raw received interface updates and new tools, such as in-depth image adjustments; The Match Font it is now able to detect more fonts, in multiple lines of text and even vertically. In addition, it is now possible to rotate patterns (patterns).


The illustration application gained support for cloud documents – already as a preparation for the launch of Illustrator for iPad, which will happen in the near future.

In addition, the app has gained improvements in the use of the graphics power of computers and some new features, such as the ability to cut and paste screens in different documents.


You can now share photos in the section «Discover» with the button “Share Edits”; the resource displays the original photograph and the editions used to arrive at the final result. In addition, the “Versions” feature allows you to experiment with various editing styles for the same image, saving any that you feel like.

The tool Local Hue, in turn, now allows you to control specific elements of the image, such as skin tones, without affecting the other colors in the photo.

Lightroom for iPad

Users can upload their photos directly to Photoshop for iPad if they want to make more in-depth edits. Watermarks are now synchronized between devices, available on all platforms.

Premiere Rush

Like Auto Reframe, it is possible to transform horizontal videos into vertical videos (or vice versa) keeping the focus of the action within the frame automatically – all with a little help from Adobe Sensei. The feature is available in the testing phase, and will be made available to all Premiere Rush users in the second half.


The free painting and drawing app for iPads won a tool for streaming. With it, artists will be able to transmit the process of creating their works live, sharing tips and techniques with their viewers on a series of platforms.


With the feature “Share for Review”, designers can quickly send versions of their work to clients or colleagues, receiving feedback directly in the file for quick adjustments.

Creative Cloud app

It is now possible to manage Adobe Fonts and search for documents saved in the cloud in all applications in the suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Fresco and Aero.


Gmail app icon: Google email

Moving on to other updates, Google is bringing Gmail a new integration with Meet, your virtual meeting tool. With this, the application will gain a new tab where you can check all your scheduled meetings – and join them with just one touch.

It will also be possible, if you do not use Google Meet, to disable the tab in the application settings.


Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Meanwhile, the Fantastical calendar app has received updates in its versions for macOS and iOS – all focused on the home office and in the new habits developed by those who started working at home (temporarily or permanently).

Among the novelties, we now have automatic link detection for virtual calls / meetings. The feature works with services like Zoom, Hangouts, Skype for Business, WebEx, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams; when detecting the link, Fantastical adds a “Join” button so that you can access the call directly from the schedule.

It is now possible to also program different calendars that activate every hour of the day; with that, your work calendar can be active from 9 am to 5 pm (or in your active time), while the personal calendar will be the “standard” in the other hours.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts app icon

Finally, the ubiquitous podcast app now lets you listen to your favorite shows directly from Apple Watch, without the iPhone – they can be heard by streaming, using Wi-Fi or mobile internet, or downloaded to the watch’s memory. The feature is exclusive for Pocket Casts Plus users, which costs R $ 4 per month or R $ 39 per year.

The app also gained improvements in voice control and the feature that cuts silent sections of podcasts, in addition to a new theme for the app called Radioactivity.