Adobe abandons iPhone development

توقف Adobe عن تطوير Flash للأنظمة الأساسية للجوال

Adobe has warned that it will not continue to invest in the development of the tool that allows converting Flash content so that it is compatible with smartphones from Apple.

No more updates to Flash CS5, announced on your blog Mike Chambers, the main developer of Adobe Flash applications. Although the company continues to make the CS5 suite available, it does not intend to spend more time developing or providing updates for the same, warns.

The statements appear in a message published in reaction to Apple’s decision (communicated last week) to change the terms of the agreement it concludes with developers, which has the effect of restricting applications developed using a number of technologies, including Flash CS5 is included.

The Adobe official argues that this «tightening» of the license terms was selective, which will tend to become even more restrictive, and accuses the apple giant of anti-competitive practices.

According to Mike Chambers, the objective of Flash is to allow a development that crosses several browsers, platforms and devices, which represents «the exact opposite of what Apple wants», he says, arguing that the company is trying to «tie developers to its own platform».

The Apple CEO argues that the changes to the programmers’ license terms are only intended to preserve the quality of the applications made available, but the reasons do not seem to convince Adobe, whose CEO had already taken another opportunity to criticize the iPhone maker’s latest decisions about Flash.