Adjudication of video surveillance in schools to formalized ONI

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ONI announced that it was formalized yesterday by order, by the Ministry of Education, the award of the project that aims to install video surveillance systems in schools of the 2nd and 3rd cycles. The company won the public tender that chose the technological partner to start this aspect of the Technological Plan for Education.

The project involves a budget of 15 million euros and has a duration of 3 years with four implementation phases related to the functional and equipment components. During this period, ONI will be responsible for «supplying, installing, maintaining and supporting an electronic security system in about 1200 schools, from North to South of the country», details the company in a statement.

«The services to be provided involve the purchase of security services and remote monitoring, supply, installation and configuration of equipment, training in their use, monitoring and support of the remote and local solution», adds the same document.