AdI selects 116 technology-based projects under NEOTEC

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The Innovation Agency selected 116 new projects for the creation of technology-based companies, which will be supported under the NEOTEC initiative. These projects were selected from a group of 220 applications and will be financed by the Knowledge Society Operational Program, up to a maximum of 100 thousand euros, for no more than 24 months.

Among the selected projects there are 61 companies already constituted. Most are in the areas of Sea, Agriculture, Agrifood, Health and Pharmaceuticals and, finally, Software and Business Services.

Support for projects will take place over the next year and will continue the mission of AdI, which will accompany the maturation of companies, stimulating contact between entrepreneurs and potential partners, explains a statement.

The balance sheet data available on the AdI website indicate that 106 business projects have already been supported under NEOTEC and 57 new companies have been created. According to AdI, more than half of the new companies have already entered the market and this is expected to be the situation for 82 percent of business projects at the end of the second quarter of 2008.

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