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Addresses entirely in Arabic now online

The first website with top-level domain in Arabic has just started operating, informed ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

The page belongs to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies of Egypt and appears a few months after the approval of the first domains in non-Latin characters.

“Today the first three top-level domains in non-Latin characters have been integrated into the top DNS servers. This means that they have gone online!”, Reads the blog of the body responsible for managing the Internet.

The top domains now available belong to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which were the first countries authorized to register top domains in their native characters, last month.

In the message published yesterday, the head of ICANN’s top server area, Kim Davies refers to the Egyptian ministry’s website as an example of a website already in operation, available through the address written in Arabic (and from right to left).

Egypt Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies website.  ICANN capture

The same source explains that it may be the case that the Internet users’ software is not adapted to this new reality, so, although it directs the user to the right website, the original characters will not appear in the address bar, as can be seen check below:

Egypt Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies website.

The novelty represents an anticipation in the “agenda” for the implementation of top domains in non-Latin characters, whose first sites were not expected before the summer, and is considered a huge step in the democratization of the Internet, as it allows the creation of addresses entirely in the language origin of the various users – and hopefully helping to foster access to the network of users for whom addresses in Latin characters could be an obstacle.