Add official themes to your Google Chrome


If there is one thing that most Linux users like, it is to customize the system, maybe this is the first charm when installing a distro, going out changing themes and personalizing with favorite colors, well, basically this is the novelty for users of Google Chrome.

The possibility of changing the Google browser theme is nothing new, however, this week the search giant launched a plugin with several color options for Chrome. The collection of themes aims to please all audiences, whether they enjoy a clearer and more colorful interface, or people like me, who prefer darker interfaces. Including one of the themes, “Just Black”, Simulates a more nocturnal look, ideal for those who spend nights and early nights using the computer.


In total, 14 themes compatible with all browser versions, to apply to your browser just go to the Chrome Web Store, select your favorite theme and click on the “Use in Chrome”, Simple and practical.


So far, the theme favored by those who know about the novelty is “Classic Blue”With 75 users.


Do you use Google Chrome? Did you like the news? With official Google themes, the security of something standardized is greater. Leave in the comments what you think of the news.

I await you in the next post, here on the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY! ?

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