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Add more options to your iPhone photo camera with Gorillacam

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The other day we talked about the tip to take pictures of yourself, bypassing the problem of the need to touch a precise point on the screen for the photo to be taken. Because there is a free application that solves this and brings other advantages. It’s the Gorillacam.

Actually the name comes from an iPhone holder, the Gorillamobile, which makes it possible to fix the device for taking photos. To promote it, they made a special application.

With it, you can adjust a timer so it takes a few seconds before taking the picture. It is also possible to take several photos one after the other (1.6 photos per second) if you hold down the button.

Gorilacam Gorilacam adjustments

In the settings there are several options. It has a device leveler so you can not take crooked pictures and parallel lines to help with image composition. You can also allow it to be tapped anywhere on the screen to take the photo.

THE Gorillacam can be found for free on the App Store (link), and you need the OS 3.1 to work.