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Add Android reminder: how to do?

If you are having trouble remembering things you needed to do and you have no idea how to fix this, it is a great idea to add a reminder on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

In this guide, we?ll teach you step-by-step how to do this with Google Calendar, the best calendar app.

1. What does Google Calendar do?

Before we get to the reason why you came to this article, we will explain in depth everything you need to know about the tool that will be used to add a reminder on Android: Google Calendar, the same one used to add them to Google Chrome.

is a calendar platform that works for you to better schedule and manage your time, developed by Google. It was launched in beta in 2006 and to the public in July 2009 with versions for the web, through internet browsers and for Android using the apps.

Through it, it is possible to create and edit events, in addition to being able to create a reminder for all events by choosing type and time options, in addition to their locations and inviting other users.

It is also possible for you to disable or enable the visibility of special calendars, such as birthdays (the app searches for the dates of birth of Google contacts) or holidays (specific calendar for each country with the dates of special occasions).

What Google Calendar

As the platform evolved, Google added new features that make use of machine learning, improving it even more. The main ones are:

  • Gmail events: Hereby, information related to events that you receive by email in Gmail will be automatically added to Google Calendar;
  • Sticky notes: Here, users can add the activities that are to be done, which will be updated automatically with new information, and can serve as a reminder on Android;
  • Smart suggestions: The app will automatically recommend titles, contacts and possible locations when you create an event;
  • Goals: In this, users can enter information about specific personal goals so that the app automatically schedules the activity at the best times.

It is worth remembering that smartphone apps received both positive and negative reviews, with a particular focus on design. In addition, however, several of the main tools offered were criticized.

The main features of Google Calendar, which are present in all versions, are listed below:

  • Users can create events and edit them. They can have a specific start and end time or they can last for an entire day;
  • Google Calendar users can enable a feature known as"Recurrent" with frequency parameters that are customizable;
  • It is possible to add colors to events, so that it is easier to recognize and distinguish them from each other;
  • The calendar has several display modes for events: day by day, weekly, monthly or a defined schedule;
  • Users can configure various notifications as desired. For example, by email, add reminder notifications on Android or Google Chrome and even set times for them;
  • D to add locations in order to better know the location of your events;
  • It is possible for you to invite other people to your events. If they use Google Calendar, the event will be automatically added to your calendar. If not, I will receive an email where you can reply Yes, At theorPerhapsfor the invitation;
  • It has complete privacy tools that guarantee users total control over the visibility of their calendar, whether it is the entire calendar or individual events;
  • It is possible for you to set different time zones for your events, so that people from other continents can better organize themselves;
  • Finally, it is possible, as mentioned above, to enable or disable the visibility of any of the special calendars.

How to add reminder on Android?

Now that you know everything about this platform, we will teach you step by step how to set reminders on your smartphone so you never miss an important moment. Follow the steps below:

  1. First, it will be necessary to download the application on your Android smartphone through the Play Store;
  2. Then open it and go to see a list of all your events already created. To create a new one, simply click on the"More";Home screen add Android reminder
  3. Then you can decide whether a"Goal", one "Reminder" or one "Event". Remember that it is possible to add a reminder to everyone;Type add Android reminder
  4. Here, we select"Reminder";reminder add reminder Android
  5. Just enter the name of the reminder, when it occurs and whether it is repeated or not. If repeated, be able to define whether "Every day", "Every week", "Every month", ?Every year" or"Personalize?".

Okay, with that you managed to set a new reminder on your smartphone!

Did you like our guide on how to add reminder on Android?

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