Add an artistic touch to your photos with the PORTRA app


There are plenty of possibilities available on Android to convert photographs into artistic images, but it is difficult to find one as simple to use as PORTRA. This free app will turn our selfies into small works of art that are characterized by the beauty of the predominant techniques in the application: watercolor and charcoal.


We have already talked about Android apps for editing photos and even those that convert images to the always illustrious Pixel Art.

We don’t have enough fingers in our hands to be able to count the vast number of apps that are dedicated to the task of photo editing, although it is possible to give a look at our top to discover the most popular ones.

PORTRA may not be among the most famous, but for its characteristics it should have a little more relevance.


The first thing we need to highlight about this app is its tremendous ease of use.

With a few changes on the screen we will have our image ready to be shared and enjoyed by all who see it.

We can use the front and rear camera to be able to capture photos, although we can also select an image that we have saved in the memory of our devices.

After that, we just need to choose the effect we want to apply.

And look that there are several possibilities: watercolors of different colors, charcoal techniques in different shapes … A variety of effects that will transform our images into invocations of the mythical clip Take On Me or the dreamlike images of the fantastic opening of True Detective.

And yes, we are talking about the first season.



PORTRA is an excellent app to add a special touch to our photographs.

At all times we can choose the quality of the image to which we want to apply the effect, as well as the degree of intensity of the same.

And on top we have the possibility to share on social networks and choose several brands that add a higher level of dimension to our photos.

All of this in a matter of seconds.


PORTRA for Android at Uptodown [APK] | Download