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Add a "copy" of your CPF to the Wallet app with this app

Although it is possible to access the digital version of your Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) by the Federal Data Processing Service's Personal Data (Serpro) app, there's no way to add it to the app Wallet, which brings together tickets, cards, tickets and tickets.

To get around not only this, but dozens of similar situations, the app Pass2U (which, it is worth noting, from here in Brazil) allows users to create wallet designs that can be added to iOS Wallet, like many others that already exist.

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To create the ticket with your social security number, just access the tab “All Passes”, in the app's sidebar, and touch the plus (+) icon at the bottom right to create or add a new card. Then select the option “Apply a pass template” and search in the upper right corner for the term “CPF”.

For now, two designs are available for the Brazilian document. Choose the one of your choice and fill in the fields with the required information, including the Individual Registration Number, name and date of birth. In the end, just tap Done in the upper right corner and then select "Add."

The card will be created with the information entered and added to Wallet so you can check it out whenever you need it. Since the CPF is a registration number and your physical document is not necessarily required, creating an in-app ticket with this information is for your own consultation only if you cannot memorize your 11 special numbers. In this sense, it must be said that the ticket has no official validity.

In addition to the CPF, other Brazilians have already shared Pass2U designs for various other tickets, such as cards from various banks, cinemas, gyms and more. If you only want to see the service tickets available in Brazil, you need to disable the option. “Display All Regions” in the app settings.

If you are a merchant and want to create a ticket for your service, the app has prepaid plans and subscriptions that offer various services, such as design, distribution and analysis of the number of downloaded tickets. The price varies according to the number of tickets you intend to create, as each will be registered with a different identification number.

The Pass2U app is available for free on the App Store and also on Google Play. To remove the app branding from the tickets, you need to make an internal purchase for $ 7.

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In a related note, the reader Manoel Guedes gave us a hint that can help the lives of those people who live on the road or rather flying. According to him, it is possible to embark on domestic flights with the e-Title app (which presents your personal details and photo, if you have made the biometric registration) and the airline boarding pass saved in the Wallet app.

It is much simpler to travel without having to remove your documents at all times and still risk losing them at a window or airport.

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