AdC investigates Zon’s triple play

يريد AdC مشغلي مراجعة الأسعار الزائدة

The Competition Authority is advancing an investigation into Zon’s Triple Play offer, which includes television, Internet access and telephone. According to today’s edition of Jornal de Negócios, the company will have already been notified of this process in the summer (in July), so the investigation should be advanced.

Contacted by the newspaper, Zon did not comment on the case and justified the position with the fact that the process is still «under evaluation at the AdC». The regulator also does not give details on specific cases.

The origin of the complaint is not known. It is only known that it is not the only one that the company led by Rodrigo Costa is currently facing at the Autoridade da Concorrência.

During the summer, competitor Cabovisão also asked the regulator to analyze the presence of Zon in the content, accusing the company of committing abuses of a dominant position there.

This year, Zon was the target of an AdC fine, culminating in a process that took several years and that condemns the company – and PT – for anti-competitive practices in the broadband market, when it was still part of the PT universe.

This fine, on appeal in the courts, was eight million euros. Even before – also PT Multimédia – the company had been ordered to pay 2.5 million euros, this time following an agreement for the contents signed with SIC.