Adapter allows compatibility between Playstation 3 and previous model

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Sony announced on its FAQ’s page for the new console that it is possible to transfer information from one machine to the other via a memory card adapter, which allows players to continue playing the games they started on PS2 on PS3.

To transfer the information you will need an accessory that will be connected to the PS3 via a USB port, in which the memory cards will be inserted.

Through this accessory information is transferred from the card to the console disk, where the data is stored on a virtual memory card.

In this way, it is possible to continue the games at the point where they started on the old console.

Sony does not reveal the price of the adapter on its website, which has sparked several speculations among the media and fans of the brand’s consoles.

But it is not the only issue to cause differences of opinion.

Many question how far this will be a smart move by Sony.

While some claim that compatibility between consoles and games will be key to leaving Microsoft’s Xbox 360 behind, others argue that the launch of the adapter proves that the development of the PS3 was poorly thought out since, «if the 60GB version of the PS3 includes integrated memory card readers why didn’t the manufacturer remember to also include an adapter? «, after all, the console is made by Sony,» which has been the leading brand in console sales for the past ten years, «says Gordon Kelly in an opinion article published by Trusted Reviews.

At the same time, Microsoft has struggled with some difficulties since, in addition to system compatibility issues, Xbox 360 users want to see their product warranty extended in order to ensure coverage for the fix of possible failures that have been found on the console.

The Playstation 3 will be launched on November 11 in Japan and a week later it reaches the European and North American market.

The console is available in 20 GB versions – which will cost 499 euros – and 60 GB – 599 euros.

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