Adapta – Install a GTK Material Design theme on Ubuntu


Do you like the Material Design implemented by Google on Android and would like to make your desktop look similar? Get to know the Adapta theme.

Adapta is a theme that seeks (with the pardon of the pun) to adapt Material Design, originally developed by Google, for the Linux desktop.

It is compatible with several different graphics environments with their respective GTK versions.

– GNOME-Shell> = 3.22.0 (or 3.20.1 or 3.18.3)

– GNOME-Flashback> = 3.22.0 (or 3.20.1 or 3.18.2)

– Budgie-Desktop> = 10.2.7

– Cinnamon> = 3.2.0 (or 3.0.1 or 2.8.6)

– Unity7> = 7.4.0

– XFce4> = 4.12.2

– Mate> = 1.14.0 (Gtk + 3.2x only)

– LXDE> = 0.99.1 (Gtk + 2.x only)

To install on Ubuntu you must use the following PPA: ppa: tista / adapta

Tip: See how to install a PPA without using the terminal.

Those who prefer to install using the terminal can do so:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tista/adapta -y
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install adapta-gtk-theme -y

If you want, you can also install a set of theme-specific wallpapers with the command:

sudo apt install adapta-backgrounds -y

After the theme is installed you can use a tool like Unity Tweak or the Ubuntu Tweak to make adjustments and activate the theme. Remember that Adapta is not an icon theme, it is a GTK theme, so it might be interesting to install some icon theme that has the same Material Design concept so that everything matches, my suggestion is the Paper Icon Theme.

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