Actors posing as androids at a game event and “cheat the world”


A great tactic to promote a new PlayStation 4 game

Actors posing as androids at a game event and

This year’s edition of the traditional gaming event Tokyo Game Show (TGS) held 21 years ago in Chiba, Japan, left many visitors perplexed by the androids present at the exhibition stand. Detroit: Make Human, new game developed by the French Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Those who passed there came across actors simulating highly realistic robots that won over the public with their visual expressions and movements not very truncated.

In one of the videos posted on Youtube, the actress even makes a head rotation movement that automatically shoots us to a robot.

Actors posing as androids at a game event and

Several videos have already been posted by people who went through the event impressed like the human-looking robots.

And they really are! One of them is played by actress Saotvos.

Even part of the international press reported it as if it were really true androids, as those responsible for the event supported the story very well for those who passed by.

A great marketing ploy

Detroit: Become Human will only be launched in 2018, however, this strategy of using the fakes androids for promotion boosted people’s interest around the world.

The game focuses on Kara, an android that escapes from the factory where it was built and tries to adapt to the human world.

The game will be exclusive to Playstation 4.


The actors at the stand posing as androids represented machines from the series AP700, which appear in the game and are described as the “Most trusted androids in the world”.

While some people through social media believed strongly that it was an android (I include myself in the list), some more smart ones, as a user called Libby, said that there were small flaws that unmasked androids, such as nasal lobes of different sizes, small signs of breathing or movements that the actors made when swallowing saliva.

What did you think of this Detroit: Become Human outreach tactic? Did you also think that androids were real? Write below in the comments.

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