ActivoBank renews itself and invests in mobile platforms

ActivoBank renews itself and invests in mobile platforms

Millennium today presented the renewal of ActivoBank. The investment bank becomes a bank across the board, which attaches to the services it already had, the full range of day-to-day banking operations.

With the renewal of the range of operations, the image and concept of the bank also changes, betting strongly on integration with mobile platforms and the concept of «banking everywhere», aimed at a young audience, between 22 and 46 years.

With four physical agencies at the premiere – a design clean and very minimalist – the bank focuses mainly on online services, with the support of the telephone and videoconference.

The iPhone is the first bet on the mobile integration of bank services and the first effort to standardize an application for Apple equipment was to enable all day-to-day operations to be carried out, such as transfers, payments, inquiries, shipping proof of payment by email, among others. All in a simplified environment and with a reduced number of navigation menus where the information, regarding operations carried out in other access channels, is updated in real time.

In the long run, the application – which since the beginning of the week has been available on the App Store – will have new versions, although via the Web it is already possible to download it to other devices, listed on the bank’s website.

But it is on the iPhone that the central bet of this ActivoBank by Millennium is, as you will be able to prove to those who pass by the stores and see a counter for sales of these equipment at promotional prices, within the scope of a partnership with Vodafone, which will also be in the new spaces to support the 2.0 client to configure the phone for their needs and facilitate a first contact.

If in the daily services the client of the renewed bank can dispense with going to the bank by adding the mobile phone to the online channel, in the services linked to investment banking – which will eventually also reach the mobile application – the client can use their remote manager, via telephone or via video conference. This possibility is available in a space reserved for physical stores.

In stores, the interaction with technology in terms of communication of the bank’s products will also be visible, with the presence of monitors that replace the traditional information leaflets. Another novelty of the bank is the issuance of debit and credit cards on the spot, in a logic of simplifying services.

Miguel Carvalho, COO of Activoank, explained in a pre-presentation of the new project that the group’s security infrastructure is at the base of the new services.