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Active notifications like Moto X: with AcDisplay possible!

One of the coolest features of Moto X is certainly the active notifications, shown directly on the lock screen. Who has another smartphone need not be comfortable, because the AcDisplay It also brings the feature to other models.


First, an important piece of information: AcDisplay only works with Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. Anyone using another version of the operating system can download the DynamicNotifications App (formerly ActiveNotifications), which we have already written here.

The very minimalist AcDisplay. After installing the app you should give it request for access to notificationsbesides enable app as device adminso that it can control when the screen should be turned on and off After these adjustments, everything is ready. There are no settings for customization yet, because the app wanted to stay as light as possible and not overcharge the battery or device features.

If your smartphone screen is off and you get a notification, the display will light up and just pull down the notification icon for a preview. By dragging the app icon to the lock, you access the app that generated the notification. If there is a screen unlock pattern or PIN, it must first be unlocked.

acdisplay camila
When you receive a notification, your display will light up automatically. / AndroidPIT

AcDisplay brings one of the best features of Moto X to your device, as well as being lightweight and resource saving. And as I said before, anyone who has an older version of Android or wants more configuration options can download DynamicNotifications as well.

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