iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X support the new generation of high definition voice calling, EVS

Activations of iPhones in the U.S. rose 10 percentage points in the fourth quarter of 2017, against falling rumors

"The rumors about my death have been greatly exaggerated," said Mark Twain and also Steve Jobs, citing the legendary creator of Tom Sawyer in 2008. A similar phrase can now be said about the iPhone: no, no one dared to say that the Apple smartphone was close to death, but there was, rather, a more or less general impression that the reception of new models 8, 8 Plus and X it had been colder than expected, and perhaps Apple could lose ground in the highly competitive smart phone market over the next year.

Well, if a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) is of any value, Apple can (at least for now) breathe easy in its most important market. According to the firm's data, the activation of iPhones in the United States rose 10 percentage points in the last quarter of 2017 it was 29% at the end of September and 39% at the end of last year, which is a very encouraging leap.

More: comparing year by year, the share of activations of iPhones in the universe of all new smartphones rose 5 percentage points: the number was 34% at the end of 2016.

CIRP survey on smartphone activations in the USA, fourth quarter 2017

In the last quarter of the year that has just ended, the 39% share conquered by Apple placed it in the first place in the smartphone market, facing Samsung (32%) and LG (13%). All other brands combined accounted for the remaining 15% of the universe, which shows how dichotomous the American market is and how difficult it is for a brand other than Ma or Sammy conquer some more relevant space for there.

As the Cult of Mac, the jump in activation of iPhones is not exactly a surprise after all, the last quarter of the year is always Apple's strongest when it comes to its phones. However, in this particular year, it was interesting to note this increase precisely because of the doubts placed on the ability of the new models to attract the attention of consumers. Apparently, this is a debt that has already been largely overcome.