Activation policy for Windows XP changes next week

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Microsoft has announced that it will change the activation policy online Windows XP starting next month. The measure, designed to discourage theft and sale of certificates of authenticity, will initially be limited to Windows XP software pre-installed on systems sold by the 20 largest PC vendors.

The product activation policy was a way found by Microsoft for new Windows users to authenticate copies of the operating system. The manufacturer required customers that were not part of the volume licensing agreements to register their copies via the Internet or telephone, using their unique product keys.

As of February 28, Microsoft will suspend this activation over the Internet and force customers who need to reinstall their operating system to contact the support service of the manufacturer from whom they purchased the computer to obtain a reactivation code.

New patch for Windows releasedMicrosoft launched a patch aimed at solving a bug responsible for «crashing» some Windows systems that have installed anti-virus solutions and firewalls from third parties.

The fix code, sent via the Windows automatic update system this week, addresses an issue that affects only Windows XP computers with Service Pack 2 installed alongside Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Windows Server 2003. The existing vulnerability at the software it causes PCs to «crash» and display the «fearsome» blue screen and an error message.

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