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Activating 3G easily on your Android

Turn on / off 3G easily on your Android

Data ON – The App That Will Streamline Your Life

Having a smartphone without internet today is almost unthinkable, the great advantage of having a pocket computer equipped with Android or iOS for example, just the interactivity we have with the network.

Nowadays, 3G internet packages are priced very affordable on major phone carriers, with most offering extended plans for those who want a bit more bandwidth limit.

Date On

Androids and Androis

This article is not really meant to talk about 3G internet, but rather to show a faster way to turn this type of internet on and off.

On Android 4 and higher the option to turn on and off the 3G internet is more accessible in the notifications menu, but if you use version 2.3 the process to enable navigation in this way is much more complicated than it should be.

Even if you use Android Jelly Bean (4) this App will make your life easier.

Meet Data On

Data ON is a free app for 3G network management, with it's simple to turn on / off your mobile network with just one touch, just add a widget on the home screen (or wherever you want).

Date On

This makes the job much more practical.

Bonus: To enable 3G internet on your Android 2.3 Smartphone just go to the Settings menu >> Wireless & Network Connections >> Mobile Networks >> and check UtUse Data Per Packet.


To download the app for free just go to the Google Play link below.

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