Actions to get likes on Instagram and apps that can help!

Actions to get likes on Instagram and apps that can help!

One of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Instagram keeps winning out as a platform for companies from the most different areas. But how do you get more likes on your publications and leverage your internet business legally?

Check below the reasons why the increase in followers should not be done in an uncontrolled and uncritical way. See also how this management can directly influence the engagement of the page (number of likes and comments). Also find out what actions and applications can help in this process.

Why not buy followers and likes?

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Because not only is the number of followers that guarantees the success of your business on Instagram, but also the engagement of these users. Apps that buy followers perform this action without criteria.

The number of followers you can even go up and leave a "pretty" home page at first. But what is the use of having thousands of followers if few comment, like and get involved with your publications? Are you reaching your target audience this way?

Engaged followers make it possible to viralize publications, increase the number of accesses to websites and attract new followers in an organic way. Need more reasons? Among the users purchased by these apps, many are fake profiles, disapproved by Instagram and often eliminated by the social network.

So, if your account has a lot of fakes among your followers, you could also be penalized. All of this also affects your company's credibility with its real followers.

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Legal and effective actions

What to do, then, to attract organically engaged followers to your Instagram? Relate to them, introduce yourself and mark presence with users with potential interest in what you have to offer.

If you have a decoration company, for example, visit other company profiles in the same sector or hashtags related to the themes of your work. Followers of these accounts may be interested in what you have to show.

Follow some of them, like comments, answer comments, like photos (if your accounts are opened). That is, make them aware of your existence, but without being insistent and inconvenient.

a slow process. Do not try to follow 100 people on the same day. Instagram can penalize you for that, if you believe it is a fake bot or profile.

Find out below some applications that can help you in this management.

Followers analysis apps

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Raffle apps to boost your campaigns and promotions

The presentation of your page and the prospecting of potential followers is done following other accounts on Instagram. Therefore, it is important to have tools that help to understand the behavior of your followers.

To this end, there are already apps that gather information that helps to understand the engagement pattern. Thus, it is possible to know the statistics of people you follow and do not follow you back, number of likes and comments per post.

There is also data on more popular media, better publishing times, more engaged or inactive followers (called Ghost Followers), among others.

In the article Unfollow apps to monitor followers on Instagram and Twitter, we list the best tool options of its kind. With this information it will be possible to better evaluate your posts, as well as stop following fake profiles or those that do not follow your account.

Attention: many unfollows on the same day can also lead to Instagram penalties. So, do everything in moderation.

Hashtag management applications

It can be laborious to elaborate the entire post, choose the photo and still have to analyze which are the best hashtags for that publication. But choosing the right tags can be critical to increasing engagement in your posts.

Instagram even allows you to follow specific hashtags. Meet below 3 apps that can assist you when selecting terms.

1. Leetags – Best Instagram Hashtags


Leetags searches in real time for the most relevant terms, according to the desired subject. If you prefer, you can search for hashtags already selected by the app and organized into hundreds of categories.

Leetags is available for Android and iOS.

2. In Tags – Best Hashtags for Instagram

In Tags

With similar functions, this application allows the user to search for the most relevant hashtags (most searched, most followed, etc.). With the tool, it is possible to copy and paste the words in your publication in a practical way.

If desired, the user can save groups of hashtags for future uses. In Tags – Best HashTtgs for Instagram is available for Android.

3. Hashtag Expert

Hashtag expert

This app has a slightly different proposal. With it, the user writes the base hashtags, those he already thought to use in his publication. Then, the application suggests several similar ones, with analyzed and certified relevance, which may work better in the post.

Hashtag Expert is available for iOS.

Tools to gain followers

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How to stop following who doesn't follow you on Instagram at once

The job is a lot and needs to be continuous. For those who still need help with managing Instagram accounts, there are some options for automating this process.

Some of the information that these tools use is the analysis of followers, the engagement of publications and performance reports. From there, they start to follow, unfollow, send automatic messages, among other actions.

In our article Instagram followers tools and apps, you find the best options for this type of application.

It is worth mentioning, however, that every day Instagram brings news and makes an increasingly careful analysis of profiles. Thus, the best form of management is still old fashioned, from follower to follower.

Instagram itself provides information about the profile of its followers, best times to publish, among other data.

Keeping the content relevant, for sure, the most effective strategy to get more likes. And that depends only on the account owner.

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